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control. >> arthel: the federal department of veterans affairs putting its foot down on a new york gun law that takes effect today. it requires mental health professionals to report patients they believe could hurt themselves or others. but critics say the new law will deter people from seeking help for psychological issues. senior correspondent eric shaun live with more. >> as you said, under the law the doctor believes a patient is a threat, that information would go to authorities. but now some are refusing to abide by this law and veterans groups are in the forefront. they worry the new law could have the opposite effect, making patients not seek out help out of intimidation or fear. gunnery sergeant jesse jane duff, with the concerned veterans for america, she says not enough doctors can take action and they should take action when dealing with possibly dangerous people. they should do that without sharing privileged information with government agencies. >> they recognize that this is a very, very serious issue to veterans. there are veterans that they want to come forward if they hav
deficient as a matter of law in giving his budget to congress. and congress acts from there. the president has to do three things. he has to tell the congress how much we are going to spend. how much revenue's coming in and what effect it will have to the deficit. but the president said deficits don't matter, budgets don't matter. what does matter? a household or a business can't run a household without a budget or a five-year plan -- at least. the charm offensive is nothing more than window dressing, trying to get the republicans to raise taxes without reining in spending and entitlements. >> jamie: but, david, the president has been clear that jobs air priority, and with all the back and forth with the spending and the cuts and the budget to come -- whatever it is -- how do you see him fulfilling the other promises that he had on the campaign trail on the other issues? can we get past this? >> i think we can get past this. and the reason why is because all the issues you just mentioned, jamie, are issues that the american people see, the american president obama as being in touch with th
with the most naive notion that the bad guys who ignore the laws that they will all of the sudden follow the new laws it is not about the bad guys. it is it just that chunk much metal did the crime. that is like saying that fork made me fat . background checks and learning about the thinking. more background checkings, the idea mr. president should have started with yours. [ applause ] well, it is great to be back at c-pac. it feels like it is coming home even though it is my second time here. i am getting the hang of it. i can spot the liberal media folk here to write their annual conservatives in crite story. how many much you guys are here. raise your hand. come on. raise your crowd. you are loud. we are used to it and certainly you are not ashamed to raise it high. don't worry we would never dream of making awe wait outside on the party bus. it is an honor to be here. we can come together folks for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven knows we need so much of what passes as our national conversation these days is anything but. remember no drama obama? if only. now
here in our studios along with george sekulow the director american center for law and justice, advocating for the pastor's release. thank you for being here today. very difficult, i know, to watch that video of yourself yesterday on capitol hill testifying about what you're going through, how difficult this has been. at this point where do things stand right now? are you getting any cooperation from the state department to try and secure release of your husband from na iranian jail? >> it was very difficult yesterday, but i'm glad i was trying not to be emotional, but i'm glad the american people and the congress got to see how we're suffering every day, me and my kids, and that prison. it was a very successful hearing in that we got to be able to speak about the persecution and his imprisonment. we're hoping that now there will be more action from the government and kerry, secretary kerry and the president especially. >> there were a lot of people at the hearing yesterday who wanted to hear what you had to say. and listening to you talking about the children, obviously, a ver
case law on the second amendment. i sat down with cruz at cpac and he told m me aweapons are n common use and therefore they cannot be banned. >> and let's be clear. most people misunderstand the word assault weapon. it is not a machine gun or fully automatic weapon. it is essentially a deer rifle. a semi automatic weapon with cosmetic features that make it look scary and yet politicians in washington want to show how tough they are on crime so they want to ban some 4 million guns that law abiding americans have chose ton use to protect their home. >> shannon: what is the future of the gun measures as they wind their way through capitol hill? let's talk about it with chris stirewalt host of power play 11:30 a.m. every week week day. happy st. patrick's day. >> i can think of no better place to be on st. patrick's with a fair lass named shannon. >> we will do a little jig on the break. you have to pay for the extra content. >> only online. >> only onnine. >> shannon: actual votes that made it through the senate judiciary committee. what ton chance do they have ie actual senate? >> in i
. >>> meanwhile, a leading republican law maker is raising serious new concerns about the obama administration's handling of the benghazi tor attack. it's senator lindsey graham accusing the white house of telling the injured survivors to, quote, be quiet and not share their stories. now he's urging his colleagues to help him get to the bottom of it. elizabeth prann reporting for us live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. we're learning more about the three diplomatic security agents and a state department contractor who were among the injured. the four injured who we know belonged to state department but there were other personnel on the ground. republican senator lindsey graham tells fox news the injured survivors have been told to be quiet. he says the house should investigate. >> but i'm going to hold up the business of the senate until we get the survivors on record. i've talked to a couple, and their story is chilling. they're scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. >> reporter: now, when asked about the survivors, press
: medical schools are expanding the need of requirements of obamacare, new health care law. at least 12 new schools are opening and existing ones are growing to meet an expected demand for more doctors in the future. the problem is no one for many of them to finish their training. bartender about a buttner is anchor of "bulls and bears" here on the fox news channel. they have residency programs five to seven years but right now there are more openings for residency than doctors graduating from medical school but that is going to change? >> it is. here is the issue. there are people in the pipeline and they are going through medical school but they hit a big hurdle and that is residency. basically for the last 15 years, the funds that that have been used to, federal funds to fund these residency programs have been frozen and be part of the whole budget battle to train new doctors. they can graduate from medical school but they can't get into residency programs so that is why you are waiting longer and longer in line to get to a doctor, driving farther and farther to get one. we have 16,000 s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7